Wednesday 6/16/21   6 - 10 p.m.
1224 West Anna Street





our Product

We are proud to be the first outlet in Nebraska to offer premium

ice cream from the

Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Company.

This is premium and

super premium ice cream made with

less air and 14% butterfat,

giving it a thick, rich flavor.

Our Service

Anna Street Trolley strives to offer you a friendly, home town service backed by quality

ice cream and fair pricing.

Pricing Can Be Found
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Seasonal Operation Spring to Late Fall - weather permitting

Anna Street Trolley is a mobile service and we are available for public or private events.  If you are interested in having Anna Street Trolley at your event please call or email us under the contact information found at the bottom of this page.


Flavors for June 16th
Flavors May Change Due To Availability

Zanzibar Chocolate  - gluten free 

All-natural and award-winning chocolate ice cream made with three kinds of cocoa for a rich, fudge brownie taste.

Mint Avalanche  - gluten free 

A mint lover’s paradise! Fresh mint ice cream loaded with Andes® Candies and Grasshopper® cookies spun off with a chocolate fudge swirl.

Raspberry Lemond Italian ice - gluten free

Non-dairy, non-fat sweet raspberry and tart lemon Italian ices swirled together for an irresistibly refreshing treat.

Old Fashioned Vanilla - gluten free 

An award-winning and all-natural classic vanilla ice cream made with Wisconsin cream, cane sugar and pure vanilla.

Malt Amore

Old-style malted milk ice cream packed with rich, malt flavor, soft chocolate chips and ripples of sweet, chocolate fudge.

Praline Pecan - gluten free 

Buttery maple ice cream topped with a gooey caramel ripple and loads of crunchy, candy-coated pecans

Loaded French Toast - gluten free

Cinnamon ice cream with maple syrup and creme cheese

Raspberry Rhapsody  gluten free 

Black raspberry ice cream swirled with a sweet raspberry ripple and heavenly chocolate covered raspberry cups.

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Times may change as we get details on each event 


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Kent and Yvonne Birnie


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